Oatcity Vendor Platform provides easy to manage bookings section as illustrated below:

You can review upcoming bookings, manage resources and assign members accordingly.

Add invoice

Managing finance can never be easier, you can prepare the invoice for the customer in advance and manage discounts or understand your cashflow.

Assign members

Managing staff and their rosters is an essential features and we made sure all Vendors are able to manage theirs conveniently. Using Oatcity Vendor Platform, you will be able to add, edit, manage all staff members and their working hours including shift details online.

View booking

When customers make online bookings, you will receive prompt alerts to notify you about the action. You can review the booking with all customer information to better plan your resources and staff to provide a great experience to your customers.

Change status

Keep track of all bookings whether it is upcoming, in progress or completed. In an unlikely event, you can also notify the customer about any change in service availability so the customer know in advance to avoid last minute disappointment.